Obama’s Iran Talks Meant To Put ‘Arrogant Crackers’ In Their Place, Whines Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson hosted Rush Limbaugh’s show on Friday, and channeled Limbaugh’s conservative idiocy so perfectly that it was hard to tell who was actually hosting the show. Apparently, Erickson thinks that everything Obama does is racial, with the ultimate goal of showing whites who is really in charge.

According to Mediaite, Erickson was railing about the letter that 47 treasonous Republican Senators sent to Iran. He actually said:

Barack Obama believes the United States of America is a destabilizing, arrogant force in the world. We need our comeuppance and we need to be humbled. And so everything Barack Obama does domestically and in foreign policy is designed to humble the arrogant crackers who have always run the United States. The awful, evil, former colonialists, who don’t recognize that their American imperialism and American hegemony was bad for the world.

Barack Obama looks at the United States and sees bad, and intends to fundamentally transform it into something good, and in so doing take us down a peg. That’s exactly what this deal does. This deal sells out to Iran.

One has to wonder if Erickson would be saying this if we had a white Democrat in the White House. He certainly wouldn’t be saying it if we had a white Republican in the White House (but then again, the type of Republican president that would satisfy Erickson probably would have declared war on the entire Middle East by now).

His statement, “designed to humble the arrogant crackers who have always run the United States,” really speaks to his mindset about racism in America. He has, for a long time, believed that Obama is pushing so-called “reverse racism” from inside the White House. Back in 2009, he wrote on Red State that Obama’s “brownshirts” were going after Glenn Beck to silence him, because people with whom Obama was affiliated at the time were supposedly affiliated with racist groups that were after Beck.

Considering that it’s now 2015, and Beck is still around, either the right was quite successful in ensuring that Obama couldn’t stifle free speech (not likely, since that’s not what he’s doing), or Obama wasn’t actually going after anybody who called him a racist.

Erickson is one of those pundits that demonstrates everything wrong with the most outspoken on the right. An op-ed by Josh Barro in Business Insider sums him up perfectly. Barro says that the GOP’s disadvantage on a variety of issues has to do with their appeal to non-urban whites who feel threatened by social change. That group is getting smaller, and the GOP works ever-harder to try and galvanize them into being some sort of silent majority that will “take back America” (for straight, white men).

In other words, Erickson, Limbaugh, Beck, and others like them suffer from distress of the privileged. They’re seeing their place as the dominant members of society, whose way of thinking is Right, Good, and True, usurped by those who don’t know their place (women, people of color, non-Christians, and the LGBT community.) It bothers them. It frightens them. Erickson attacks Obama for being racist because Obama, as an inferior black man, should never have thought he could run for president. And he absolutely should not have actually won any election. The fact that he’s black, and all blacks hate all whites (to the minds of people like Erickson) is clear evidence that everything he does is intended to eventually subjugate whites.

What will happen if a woman wins the presidency in 2016? What will Erickson and his ilk cry about then?


Featured image originally by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons | Text added by Rika Christensen/Liberalistics

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