Extreme Right-Wing Site Claims These Two Tweets Prove Obama Is A Communist (Screenshots)

The White House posted a tweet talking about opportunity for all, and the right-wing site, The Political Insider, jumped on it, saying it’s proof that President Obama is a communist.



Their backup for that statement is a tweet from First Lady Michelle Obama, which expands on the President’s tweet and calls expanding opportunity “a collective effort.” Oh. No.


Lords, gods and minor deities, how terrible. We should all run for our lives (or freedom).

From these two tweets, The Political Insider drew the conclusion that the Obamas don’t believe in private business or entrepreneurship. That they are clearly communists, who are bent on destroying America the way communism destroyed the Soviet Union. The whole article makes it clear they didn’t even read the White House’s press release on the subject.

Instead, The Political Insider ranted:

“Incredible! Obama doesn’t believe in private ownership and private entrepreneurship – but instead is endorsing communities working collectively. In Obama’s mind, the individual doesn’t matter, as long as government grows toward its impossible goal of utopia.”

What’s incredible is that leap of logic, if, indeed, it can even be called logic. The Political Insider provides no other evidence of the Obamas’ communist tendencies, and focuses entirely on two tweets that endorse a collective effort on one thing: Expanding access to opportunity. The comments, however, are utterly priceless, with the very top one bringing out the ol’ some-of-my-friends-are-black-therefore-I’m-not-racist trope:


Then there are others, which all seem to think these two tweets are merely par for the course for our communist President:






Sad. Truly sad. The first question we’re asking, that they clearly aren’t, is, what is so wrong with trying to expand opportunity in what’s supposed to be the land of opportunity?

The second question is: Since when is advocating a collective effort on one thing communism? Since when is advocating a collective effort on anything communism? They might as well accuse President Obama of being a Borg. The Political Insider seems to prize individualism above all else, to the exclusion of all else, like everyone in the Star Trek universe talks about when they discuss the Borg. The problem with that is, they’re taking it to an extreme that they don’t even see.

Let’s be clear: The American Dream died with Reagan. His policies, which have defined the Republican Party since his presidency, killed the middle class, destroyed any hope of access to opportunity the poor even had, and redistributed wealth so far upward that we have some of the worst income inequality in the world. The Obamas, together with education leaders, universities, and high schools, are talking about improving equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. There’s a HUGE difference there. If the editors at The Political Insider had actually done their homework instead of flying off the handle over a pair of tweets, they’d know that. Instead, they just have a lot of egg on their faces.

These days, the right tries to spin anything associated with expanding opportunity, whether that’s an opportunity to go to college or get a better job (or both), and closing the wealth gap, as communism, fascism, socialism, dictator-ism, Nazism, and even slavery. Somehow, people like those at The Political Insider think that allowing a few wealthy individuals to control the whole country is the same thing as freedom for all. Wild leaps of logic, like the one above, come as they try to justify keeping all of America’s wealth and power in the hands of a lucky few.

What they want is not freedom. It’s feudalism. And it’s oligarchy, not democracy, which is certainly not freedom. But that doesn’t matter. As long as the right and the wealthy have publications like The Political Insider to scream “COMMUNISM!” at everything that might actually help the common man, they’ll do what they can to turn us into the very thing we fear the most.



Featured image by Center for American Progress Action Fund. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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