News Outlet Shocked To Learn Someone Relies On News Outlets For News

That’s right.

Fox News has outdone itself in the latest bout of faux outrage directed toward President Obama. The hilariously self-proclaimed “Fair & Balanced” news station that has spent the past six years feverously inventing things to be outraged over has reached impressive levels by criticizing the president for…wait for it…READING THE NEWS.

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No matter what your feelings are on Fox News, you have to give them credit for their relentless commitment to rabble-rouse.  Truly, this is dedication that we rarely see in the media. In a world where, “We hate him because he’s black” is a simply unacceptable statement in mainstream society, Fox News’ unrelenting quest to find alternative, thinly veiled expressions of their hatred is nothing short of masterful.

As always, Fox dwells hard on the fact that President Obama has the nerve to read the news and is proud to bring you this ground-breaking story – never mind the fact that former White House Press Secretary and current CNN contributor Jay Carney told us exactly this in in October 2014 interview. The president, he says, is,

…a voracious consumer of the printed word…but he doesn’t watch cable news.

Gee, I wonder why.

For some reason, Mr. Carney didn’t seem ashamed of admitting the President reads the news.  He almost seemed…proud.  For shame, Mr. Carney.  For shame.

I’d like to offer a round of applause for Fox News. Who else could take a man’s commitment to keeping up with current events while simultaneously avoiding the monkey-run circus that is cable news and turn it into something appalling?! Bravo, Fox. Bravo.


H/T: Fox News | Featured image via: CNN 

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