Obama Vs. Trump: Who Deals With Protesters Better? This 2 Minute Video Says It All (VIDEO)

For months now we’ve had to sit back and watch as Donald Trump made a complete mockery of our political system. Running a campaign of hate and fear based on rhetoric and lies, Donald Trump has managed to not only destroy what decency was left in GOP presidential primaries (albeit not much), he has also made America the laughing stock of the civilized, democratic world.

Nowhere is that hatred more evident than at Donald Trump rallies. From the very beginning of the fascist demonstrations he calls a campaign, protesters have shown up to denounce the man and his ignorance. For most politicians, protesters are something they have to deal with. To Donald Trump, they quickly became a way to get free campaign coverage, encouraging hateful idiots to show up to witness — and in some cases get violently involved — the spectacle that is a Donald Trump campaign event.

President Obama, on the other hand, displays what’s known as “restraint” and “class” when dealing with protesters, something Donald Trump will never understand. Watch the difference between a great man willing to listen and a megalomaniac looking for attention below:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore


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