Watch Obama Calm This Fussy Baby, And We Aren’t Talking About Boehner Either (VIDEO)

I love this video, beyond love actually, because it simply affirms that the First Couple is just that; loving, kind, funny and authentically human. As a parent, I know that there have always been those magic people, the ones who just immediately put my fussy babies at ease. That person I immediately liked. Apparently, President Obama is one of those people, if the video below is any indication.

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Now, for a humorous comparison, what do you suppose happened to republicans? This short gallery goes from sad to worst:

You can definitely see the difference in the manner that the children are handled, and reacting to, the politicians. You can also clearly see how genuine President Obama is, even when the baby is touching his face — not even a slight hint of disgust, and we all know babies have some nasty, germy hands. Included just to cement the feel-good smile on your face here is a fun bonus video.

Featured image via video screen capture

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