Obama Spits In The Face Of The Woman-Hating GOP–Opens All Combat Positions To Females

The Obama Administration has made the Union just a little more perfect today when it announced that the Pentagon, under the watch of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, will allow women, fully and completely, to participate in every combat position in the military. Under President Obama’s leadership, a military that once banned openly gay men and women, transgendered individuals, and women in combat positions will now be fully open and equal to all those who wish to serve their country.

It seems the good-ol’-boys club will finally be no more, and as Carter put it, “half the country’s talents and skills” will now be treated as full equals in the armed forces. In 2013, when then Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women in combat roles, a provision was made that give each branch until 2016 to evaluate its impact and request certain exemptions if they felt it necessary.

The decision is historical and overrules the Marine Corps requests that certain combat positions be only administered to men, such as front-line combat jobs when boots on the ground are necessary.

Leading hawks on Capitol Hill have also cautiously or outright expressed support for the decision, including Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Graham, who is running for President of the United States in 2016, said is evolution on the issue has changed his mind:

I’ve sort of, I guess, evolved on this issue, quite frankly. If the military community feels that women are capable of doing this, then I will not stand in the way.

Obstruction from members of Congress and the Bush-era White House stopped women from accessing over 220,000 military jobs.

Anyone who wishes to serve their country and risk their lives to do it, no matter who they are – male, female, gay, straight, cisgendered, transgendered – should be allowed to do so openly and with dignity. We as a nation owe them our absolute trust and support, and should never stifle talent and courage because of sex or gender. Those wishing to serve on the front-lines should be judged based on their physical-mental health and their ability to perform with their weapons and under pressure.

The United State’s armed services are the best in the world. Women should not be kept out of the action. They will only further the interests of our nation. After all, they represent 50% of the country.

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