Obama Rarely Attacks Trump Directly. Today He Took The Gloves Off And It Was Incredible. (VIDEO)

On most days, President Obama is usually careful not to directly attack Trump. Today was not one of those days.

The president was back on the campaign trail, stumping for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Speaking to the crowd gathered in Philadelphia, Obama took the gloves off and went at Donald Trump head on. And. It. Was. Incredible.

When he mentioned the GOP nominee by name, the audience booed and Obama reminded them, “Don’t boo, vote.” He then utterly destroyed the idea that Trump would be the champion of the working class. After all, said the president, Trump wouldn’t even let working class people onto his golf course.

He shredded the idea that Trump is better prepared to keep us safe than Hillary. And then, in the most amazing portion of his speech, Obama annihilated Trump for his bromance with Russian president Vladimir Putin and pointed out just how far Trump has dragged the Republican party from everything they used to stand for.

Watch President Obama’s incredible takedown of Donald Trump, here:

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Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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