Obama Just Got Iran To Surrender Its Entire Nuclear Stockpile – Republicans Have No Comment

It’s official. Obama has proven how “weak” he’s been on Iran … by getting them to essentially dismantle their own bomb-making capacity completely.

For months, we have heard from Republican Presidential candidates and members of Congress how Obama is “ensuring” Iran’s capability of making nuclear weapons. Facts, yet again, are not on the Republicans’ side.

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As a part of the deal President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry reached with Iran, 12.5 tons of Iran’s enriched uranium – almost its entire stockpile – is currently sitting on a Russian ship and on its way to Russia for safe keeping. The remaining 650 pounds are going to be reprocessed into low-grade uranium to be turned into fuel plates for a research reactor.

Obama has made nothing short of a historical success when it comes to Iran. He has had more success in 8 years than Republicans have in the past 30+ without having to drop a single bomb.

It isn’t only Iran’s current nuclear stockpile that has been completely negated. Their capacity to produce more material was voluntarily curbed by them sharply, when they agreed to dismantle most of their enrichment centrifuges.

As if that isn’t enough, Iran also agreed to re-engineer one of its functioning reactors to drastically reduce its output of plutonium, which is another material used in making high-yield nuclear weapons.

Part of the agreement involves Russia shipping Iran about 140 tons of raw, unrefined uranium in exchange for their stockpile of enriched materials. Iran will be using the raw uranium to supply low-grade fuel for its domestic nuclear power program.

Once the IAEA confirms that these conditions have all been met, most of the international sanctions against Iran will be lifted, freeing up approx. $100 billion in previously frozen assets and allow them to fully return to the international oil market.

While every Republican was insisting the only way to solve the Iranian nuclear crisis was all out war, President Obama got our “enemy” to surrender and give us everything we wanted, without a shot fired or a bomb dropped.

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