Obama Is Ending His 2nd Term With A Necessary ‘F*ck You’ To Abstinence-Only Education

President Obama is clearly on board with reality, by saying emphatically abstinence-only education does not workThis is why, thankfully, he has ended all federal funding for this perfect example of “government waste.”

In his 2017 budget, Obama eliminated the yearly government grant program for abstinence-only education that is run by the Department of Health and Human services. Not only does he stop wasting money on telling teens to not do something that millions of them do all the time anyway, but his budget increases funds for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, maintains funding for the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health and requests a five-year continuation of the Personal Responsibility Education Program. PREP offers grants to states to provide comprehensive and medically accurate sexual education and pregnancy prevention education to young people.

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It took decades, but an American president finally figured out that spending money to tell teenagers not to have sex is a futile effort. Who knew! Apparently Obama did.

Republicans are sure to be lighting their hair on fire over the news, due to the fact that anything not abstinence-only means Obama’s black army is coming to force you to use food stamps while stealing your guns and bibles. Back in reality, providing things like contraception and factual sex education causes dramatic drops in teen pregnancy and saves money in the long run.

Facts rarely penetrate your average Republican’s cranium, unfortunately, which is why states that allow only abstinence-only education are the ones with profoundly higher teen pregnancy rates.

Thankfully we have reasonable people like President Obama in charge, at least for the rest of this year, so we can have a few more nice things for a while before there is the risk of returning to the 1940s in America. At least we won’t be using taxpayer funds to lie to teens and put them at risk any longer.

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