SHOCKER! Right-Wing Blog Uncovers Proof Of Obama’s Guilt In IRS Scandal! Oh, Wait.

The Conservative Tribune has the story that everyone on the right has been waiting for: President Barack Obama is definitely guilty of using the IRS specifically to target, harass, and hamper Tea Party groups. How do they know? Newsmax is also reporting on this horrific bombshell (so why isn’t the mainstream media?), and that’s where they’re getting their story.

But…wait a second. Where they should have a link to the Newsmax article, they have a link to another one of their own articles. In fact, every link in that article, except for one, goes to just another earth-shattering piece on their site. If you click on all of them, you’ll finally get the link to the Newsmax piece, which, in turn, links to a Daily Caller piece.

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Of course, nobody’s actually linking to anything substantial, so some actual research was necessary. What’s happened is that Cause of Action, a legal advocacy group, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). They wanted documents that may show the IRS improperly sent taxpayer information to the White House. TIGTA denied the request, so Cause of Action sued.

Their “proof” of Obama’s “guilt” in the IRS scandal is a pile of documents that haven’t even been reviewed yet.

Earlier this year, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the inspector general must provide that information under FOIA. The Washington Examiner printed an email that’s supposedly from TIGTA to Cause of Action, which says that they have 2,500 documents relating to investigations into improper disclosure of taxpayer info to the White House.

Cause of Action released a statement on Nov. 25, saying TIGTA had identified those documents, and asked for more time to review the documents before turning them over. It took some hunting to find this statement, as The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, Newsmax, and of course, the Conservative Tribune, couldn’t be bothered to link directly to it in all their righteous indignation. You can read the whole statement here. The truth is that this doesn’t necessarily look good, but it also doesn’t prove anything, as the Conservative Tribune claims it does.

The Washington Examiner did its own thing when reporting on this. They didn’t call Obama guilty, but obliquely implied that those 2,500 documents prove Obama’s guilt. The Daily Caller and Newsmax did something similar, except their headlines did call Obama guilty. So, obviously, the Conservative Tribune did the only reputable thing they could: They took the Newsmax piece and ran with it…all the way to Nutjobville.

But then, what can we really expect from a “publication” that has a huge, attention-grabbing box at the bottom of an article saying, “BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama’s REAL plan to destroy America has finally been exposed. Click here to learn more?” How about we wait until Cause of Action tells us what’s actually in those documents before screaming “GUILTY?”

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