Obama HAMMERS Trump’s Love Affair With Putin, Practically Begs Trump To Have Meltdown (VIDEO)

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has very thin skin. He has shown this repeatedly, especially in instances where he clearly felt attacked, such as his week-long feud with the family of a slain Muslim-American soldier, and an equally ridiculous public war with a beauty queen who he has repeatedly weight-shamed. Well, Trump’s next feud may be with none other than President Barack Obama, who criticized Trump’s bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Obama held a press conference at the White House with Matteo Renzi, the Prime Minister of Italy, on Tuesday, and Trump’s insane behavior was, naturally, a topic of conversation. When asked about Trump’s pro-Russian attitudes and policy positions, Obama said:

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“Mr. Trump’s continued flattery of Mr. Putin and the degree to which he appears to model his policies and approach to politics on Mr. Putin’s is unprecedented in American politics.”

President Obama then went on to take GOP elected officials to task who have suddenly decided that they are A-Okay with Trump’s inexplicable and dangerous love of Putin, saying that they should know better:

“Mr. Trump rarely surprises me these days. I’m much more surprised and troubled by the fact you have Republican officials who historically have been adamantly anti-Russian, and have in fact attacked me for engaging with them diplomatically, now in some cases are supporting or echoing his position.

It’s quite a reversal. You’ll have to ask them how to explain it.”

Of course, for anyone who is paying attention, there is nothing too crazy for Trump to say or do at this point. However, the seemingly reasonable people in their party really need to control their nominee on this one instead of playing politics with the security of our nation and allowing Trump’s continued flirtations with a cozy relationship with Putin to become par for the course. Trump is dangerous, and everyone knows it. Now, let’s see how long it takes for Trump to go on the attack with this wildly popular president for simply telling the truth about him.

Watch Obama’s remarks below:

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