Obama Continues To Support Veterans With New Affordable College Option While GOP Does NOTHING

This Veterans Day, President Obama and his administration are showing Republicans how you really care for our veterans. While the GOP (who sent them to war in the first place) continue to obstruct and play politics with the VA, President Obama is calling on Congress to pass three key pieces of legislation that will make this concretely possible.

On Wednesday, the White House, at the words of Cecilia Munoz, a top domestic policy adviser to the president, sad that veterans and their families would be offered in-state tuition costs for all public colleges and universities across the nation. This move comes as President Obama promises a “steadfast commitment” to improving the educational conditions for nation’s service members who have sacrificed so much:

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These pieces of legislation will really ensure that veterans have the opportunities and assistance to…realize the American dream…What we think this does is ramp up the accountability…we are requiring a high-quality education for veterans that have served us well.

The Department of Education will also be working to “revamp” statistical admissions of veterans, something that has not been properly adjusted for quite some time. It will help veteran applicants better evaluate programs they see fit for their lives and budgets while also curbing the deceptive tactics some universities use while recruiting veterans to attend. It would also heighten requirements for universities receiving funding through the G.I bill, and force regulation of for-profit colleges that target recruitment of veterans.

So not only is this helping our veterans get the head-start they deserve, it’s also elimination fraud and abuse in the public higher education system, and making standards higher for where our tax dollars go. It’s a win-win for everybody.

So naturally I am assuming the Republicans will be against this and will accuse President Obama (and somehow Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) of wanting to give away free stuff. It’s good we have a president who actually comes to bat for our veterans.


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