My Old Kentucky Homie: Obama Claims He’d ‘Enjoy’ Drinking Bourbon with Mitch McConnell (Video)

Barack Obama prefers no drama, and what better way to assure shell-shocked liberal Americans that life will go on — despite the Koch-funded GOP hijacking Congress — than by reaching across the aisle with yet another hopeful attempt at civility doomed to scornful rejection.

Roll Call reports Obama gave a long press conference that skimmed over a variety of topics, including the GOP taking over the US Senate. When asked about that sore subject, the president gracefully replied with a bipartisan offer:

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“You know, actually, I would enjoy having some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch McConnell.”

Good, that makes one of us. This writer can’t imagine a more excruciatingly miserable tête-à-tête.  Thanks Obama. The president also said he’d like to let GOP House Speaker John Boehner beat him at golf again.

Then again, Obama’s a smart guy. Perhaps he fully understands that this meeting would definitely require the bracing effects of some fine Kentucky bourbon. This writer needs something even more bracing than that. Like, something that can make her sleep for 100 years until the insane Republicans go away.

Oh, and… perhaps the turtle-faced future Republican Senate Majority Leader drinks something else.

“I don’t know what his preferred drink is, but you know, my interactions with Mitch McConnell, he — you know, he has always been very straightforward with me.”

Yeah, McConnell’s always been “very straightforward” about doing his utmost to block everything that might help his fellow Americans. He’s even willing to screw his own constituents out of their Social Security and Medicare contributions, not to mention their recent access to healthcare.

So what IS McConnell’s “preferred drink?” That probably consists of some vile mixture of red tape, mother’s milk, virgins’ blood, and the Koch brothers’ semen. Yuck.

Obama would ‘enjoy’ some Kentucky Bourbon with Mitch.

Here’s a video clip from the part of the press conference where Obama says he’d like to “enjoy” some Kentucky Bourbon with Mitch McConnell.



Featured Photo: Public Domain. 1938, by Russell Lee for the US Farm Security Administration, via Wikimedia Commons (with some embellishments by Elisabeth Parker).

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