Obama Caught on Film Dancing With Red-Coated, Bearded Socialist! (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever needed proof that President Obama is a socialist who is attempting to use HAARP weather control devices to force…Christians…into New World Order FEMA Camps…and something, something, Muslim Kenya birth certificate Benghazi, this is it. The smoking gun.

President Obama was caught on film on Thursday dancing with confirmed socialist Nikolaos of Myra, A.K.A., Santa Claus, at the lighting of the national Christmas tree. After the Terrorist-in-Chief publicly gave “Santa” a secret socialist high-five — right in front of everyone — the two began dancing to celebrate their tyrannical plan to implement Sharia Law in the United States.

This is the sort of behavior we have come to expect from the Imperial President. He’s not even trying to hide his leanings anymore! It is shameful that a United States President would so openly consort with a FOREIGNER who unabashedly redistributes wealth to the children of the world — all while wearing a RED suit and a gigantic Al Qaeda beard. That hat might as well be a turban!

And what color is his lead reindeer’s nose? RED! The color of Communism! Claus reportedly illegally enters countries around the world (in an unlicensed aircraft, nonetheless) once a year, where he breaks into homes and leaves mysterious wrapped packages behind — yet Obama says nothing of this clearly criminal behavior!

This public association leaves us with many questions. Is Nikolaos also connected to famed Obama friend Bill Ayers? We keep hearing that Claus is married, but where is his wife? What is he hiding? How far will these two terrorists go to advance their radical socialist agenda?

This is all the proof we need to impeach Obama, patriots! Our time has come!

Watch our “President” celebrate his agenda, below:

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