Obama Beat Republican Obstruction Yet Again With New Numbers On Unemployment

As Republicans keep blocking President Obama at every turn, he just keeps embarrassing them more and more. The latest resounding defeat that he has handed them comes in our newest unemployment numbers.

The overall unemployment rate has now hit 4.9 percent, which is a low not seen since February 2008 – exactly eight years ago. More good news followed showing revised unemployment numbers for 2015. It was thought that the U.S. economy created 2.65 million jobs in 2015, but the new revised total a year later shows that it actually created 2.74 million.

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January of 2016 was the 64th month in a row that showed positive job growth. It’s the greatest stretch of unbroken successes since 1939, and it’s also the 71st consecutive month that we have seen private sector growth. The latter is the longest growth that has ever occurred since records have been kept.

It has to be uncomfortable, to say the least, to be a Republican who has been rooting for this to fail since 2008. How do their voters not hold them accountable?

Not only did the latest jobs report indicate that unemployment was at 4.9 percent, but it also showed that there was an increase in average hourly wages, which will only help spur greater growth in the future by increasing consumer buying power.

Republicans have been blocking Obama mercilessly, simply to make sure that our first African-American president has as bad a record as possible. Despite all this, things just keep getting better. The fact we have come so far is great, but think of how far we could have come if it wasn’t for Republicans. The right-wing hatred of regular people outweighs their love of our nation.

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