Obama Bats Away Idiotic Birther Question At Press Conference

President Obama has dealt with the inane “birtherism” rumblings of the racist right wing for a really long time. It isn’t shocking to him, though, that this dead issue is once again raising its head, seeing as one of its chief architects and agitators is now running for president.

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Questions about where the scary black man running for POTUS was born began percolating up nearly as soon as he started doing well as a candidate in 2008. But the issue was put down decisively with Obama’s long-form Hawaiian birth certificate.

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However, Donald J. Trump dragged this question out over the last nearly 8 years and then resurrected it for his campaign. (Apparently, it is easier to drive rumors and share Breitbart conspiracy theories than to stick to issues, especially if you are trying to earn conservative votes.)

Fox news shared a video of President Obama speaking about this while awaiting Trum’s press conference today and the sardonically amused president reminded people: with so much going on he would hope that presidential candidates would stick to real issues.

However, he made it clear that he was not shocked that this would come up again — even when there are so many real issues to deal with.

“I was pretty confident about where I was born. I think most people were as well, and my hope is that a presidential election reflects more serious issues.”

No one is shocked, really, because Trump reflects the worst of the worst in this country. He draws the most scurrilous of the white supremacist right wing. They need to believe that President Obama, one of the most effective, most respected American presidents, is somehow illegitimate.

President Obama, once again, shows Trump and his agitators what “class” is. (Oh, and how to handle jabs without throwing a twitter tantrum or name calling.)

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