Obama Almost Slips On Stairs, Conservatives Curse ‘Missed Opportunity’ For His Death (SCREENSHOTS)

While it might seem logical to most that a man who gets on and off planes a lot will likely lose his footing at some point, a recent fascination with the Right has been something as simple as President Obama’s recent near-fall when disembarking from Air Force One.

After waving, Obama came close to slipping down the stairs, managing to grab the railing just in time to avoid disaster.

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But to some on the Right, this was a “missed opportunity” — a failure of fate to rid America of socialist dictator Barack Hussein Soetoro Osama Bin Obama before he completely destroys America and reigns from an ivory tower atop Mom Jeans Mountain. This could have been the moment for which conservatives have been “praying.”

At Christian conspiratorial misinformation dump World Net Daily, the hatred flowed, with many wishing death — or, at minimum, a severe injury — upon the President:

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At The Blaze, it is the same story — a flood of “loving” and “Christian” conservatives wishing harm on the President of our nation:

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The crowd at Fox News served up just as much vitriol, cursing fate for its cruelness in not ridding them of President Obama:

3-30-2015 3-41-07 PM

3-30-2015 3-46-23 PM

3-30-2015 3-45-58 PM

3-30-2015 3-45-37 PM

3-30-2015 3-45-16 PM

3-30-2015 3-44-32 PM

3-30-2015 3-44-01 PM

3-30-2015 3-43-37 PM

3-30-2015 3-43-05 PM

3-30-2015 3-41-49 PM

3-30-2015 3-41-30 PM

Even considering Umbrellagate, Latte-Salute-Gate, Feet-On-Desk-Ghazi, the Mustard…thing, and all the other completely made-up Obama “scandals,” it’s still surprising that conservatives would go so far out of their way wish death on President Obama — not because they want him to die (obviously, they want that), but because they would accept a death that doesn’t end in a lynching.

In December, a group of right-wingers have flat-out gathered outside the White House calling for the President’s lynching, but they wanted to be the ones to do it. None of those people would have been satisfied with anything less than our first African-American President hanging from a tree.

Compared to that, a slip down some stairs seems a bit mild for these people.

Watch a video of the President’s near-fall, below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfVkClpzeSE?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=640&h=360]


Featured Image via The Mirror

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