NYT Endorses Clinton And Kasich, Obliterates Trump And Cruz

Just in time for the Iowa caucuses, the nation’s leading newspaper, The New York Times, has officially endorsed candidates on both the left and the right for President in 2016.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican John Kasich have received the coveted endorsement, with the Times calling Clinton “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.” With Kasich, the times noted that he is “no moderate” but then praised his ability to work with Democrats and comprehend the fact that government can be a force for good, not just bad. Kasich’s endorsement was a measly three paragraphs compared to the thrashing that Trump and Cruz received, but Kasich’s was, in essence, a better between multiple evils.

The Times endorsement of Clinton shouldn’t come as a shock since they backed her in 2008 and in her senate races in 2000 and 2006, but this year’s endorsement raves over the fact that Clinton’s credibility has only gotten stronger, not weaker, even amidst the growing “scandals” peddled by Republicans:

One of the most attractive parts of Mrs. Clinton’s economic platform is her pledge to support the well-being and rights of working Americans. Her lifelong fight for women bolsters her credibility in this area, since so many of the problems in labor law hit women the hardest, including those involving child care, paid sick leave, unstable schedules and low wages for tipped workers. Mrs. Clinton is keenly aware of the wage gap for women, especially women of color. It’s not just that she’s done her homework – Mrs. Clinton has done her homework on any subject you care to name.

Mrs. Clinton has honed a steeliness that will serve her well in negotiating with a difficult Congress on critically important issues like climate change. It will also help her weather what are certain to be more attacks from Republicans and, should she win the White House, the possibility of the same ideological opposition and personal animus that President Obama has endured. Some of the campaign attacks are outrageous, like Donald Trump’s efforts to bring up Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity. Some, like those about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server, are legitimate and deserve forthright answers

The endorsement also praised Clinton’s main rival, Senator Bernie Sanders, saying he was “scored some rhetorical points against Clinton for her longstanding ties to Wall Street.” The Times noted that although Sanders positions on areas such as economic activity is strong, he falls short when it comes to issues in foreign policy and gun control. Only one small paragraph mentioned Martin O’Malley, in which the editorial board called on the former Governor to stay active in local state politics instead of national.

With Iowa only two days away, and a shrinking gap between Sanders and Clinton, anything is possible.

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