NYT Editorial Board Member Calls For Disbanding Of Benghazi Committee ‘Witch Hunt’

It seems that the GOP has forgotten something massive — the petty political chicanery that is costing taxpayers an arm and a leg is actually not acceptable behavior.

Carol Giacomo, Editorial Board Member of the The New York Times argued recently that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is “not a genuine attempt to get the facts behind a tragic incident in which four Americans, including the United States ambassador, lost their lives,” but is, as we have all suspected “a partisan witch hunt” targeting Hillary Clinton.

Benghazi, which has become a rallying cry and actual false flag for the entire right-wing, has targeted Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, to the tune of 4.5 million dollars.

The attack on the Libyan Embassy resulted in four Americans being killed, was tragic; but, the ensuing political posing, lies, and what may be targeted political collusion to smear a political opponent is vile. They can’t even deny it anymore, either as it was exposed by a Republican braggart running for Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.

After years of duping the entire conservative party and causing many an argument on the internet, we have an answer. Not only was the fact that there is no wrongdoing regarding Benghazi on the part of Hillary Clinton been established — more than seven times — there never really was a doubt about it in the first place. What also seems obvious is that the Republican elite are very comfortable with this, it is part of the subtext of the conversation for them. So much so that when McCarthy opened his mouth to show off his political prowess he directly linked the Benghazi hearings to Hillary Clintons Poll Numbers.


This sparked Carol Giacomo’s scathing remarks calling the Benghazi hearings what they are, exploitation of attack for political gain by the Republican Party:

Now under heavy criticism for telling the truth and with his bid for speaker at risk, Mr. McCarthy is trying to walk back his remarks, but it won’t work.

Despite wasting $4.5 million and conducting one of the longest congressional probes in history, the committee has shed no significant new light on the Benghazi attack. It would be surprising if it did. Several other congressional committees and a panel of outside experts commissioned by the State Department have investigated the attack and the government’s response. They concluded that the tragedy was preventable and condemned “systemic failures” at senior levels of the State Department. But none found evidence that Mrs. Clinton, then secretary of state, was specifically to blame or produced any other bombshell to support some wild Republican conspiracy theories. Those earlier probes didn’t keep the Republicans from exploiting the issue for political gain by establishing the special committee, whose focus has segued from Benghazi to the fact that as secretary Mrs. Clinton used a private email account. To hear Democratic lawmakers tell it, the Republicans have thoroughly perverted any semblance of a fair process by calling and interviewing witnesses without bothering to include the committee’s minority members.

Giacomo calls on the committee to disband, as it should, or the Democratic members to resign from this waste of taxpayer money and time. It really does seem that it is time to look into whether this manipulation of tax money for political gains violates congressional ethics rules — Benghazi just may mean something very different then.

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