NY Governor Cuomo Fires Back At Homophobia, Bans State Travel To North Carolina

North Carolina shocked the nation by legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination earlier this week, and the backlash has not only been swift, it has now reached a new level. Citing North Carolina’s regressive and disgusting new law as the reason for his decision, New York governor Andrew Cuomo has banned non-essential state travel to North Carolina. This means that all travel to North Carolina by state agencies or funded by the state, not deemed essential, will be banned indefinitely.

Governor Cuomo had this to say in his press release:

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From Stonewall to marriage equality, our state has been a beacon of hope and equality for the LGBT community, and we will not stand idly by as misguided legislation replicates the discrimination of the past

Cuomo is not the first state official to protest the law by any means; the mayor of Seattle has banned official travel to the state and North Carolina’s attorney general won’t even defend the law in court. The mayor of San Francisco announced a travel ban several days ago.

The North Carolina law is a sweeping example of conservative backlash stronger than almost anything in recent political history. Its unconstitutionality and deliberate targeting of the LGBT community only scratches the surface of how traitorous and un-American the law actually is. It forces the disclosure of personal information, it forces state universities to discriminate against students and staff, it violates Title IX, and that still is only the very beginning.

A legal complaint has already been filed against the law in North Carolina’s fourth circuit court, confirming the law also blocks local governments from passing human rights ordinances and aims to overturn existing ordinances in cities like Charlotte. The North Carolina ACLU has also filed suit against the law.

Despite the obvious intent of the bill, North Carolina’s governor remains resolute that his decision to sign the bill was somehow the right one. Gov. McCrory blames political correctness, the right’s new “secular humanism,” for the near universal criticism against the bill. He calls the bill common sense and dismisses the national outrage over it as some kind of well-coordinated witch hunt. In the typical anti-media fashion of a conservative, the governor told reporters  “the national media with the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Huffington Post failed miserably in communicating clear facts.”

Of course, North Carolina natives aren’t exactly pleased with the law or the shame it brings to their state, either. Even those who are otherwise supporters of Governor McCrory are blasting him, like one Charlotte native who attacked the governor for comparing himself to George Wallace (yes, seriously) while defending the bill. Only a governor who signed something that horrid and un-American in the first place would actually pay a compliment to George Wallace.

Governor McCrory’s pivot to discussing a deal he made with a pharmaceutical company on his social media accounts has so far been less than successful. Conservatives have rushed to defend him and clean up his accounts, but not every comment on his Facebook page has been deleted.

One commenter summed up our sentiments simply and beautifully, saying:

You’re a national embarrassment. Happy Easter.

“National embarrassment” presumes that Gov. McCrory can still be considered an American after signing this bill in the first place. He might try moving to Slovakia, where his type of people just won seats in a national election.


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