Numbers Show Senate Women Out Performing Male Colleagues By WIDE Margin

Want more action in Congress? Vote for more women.

When President Obama was elected, the crybaby right wing in Congress vowed to stop any sensible legislation from getting through to punish the country for voting for a Democrat (READ: Kenyan, Muslim, Nazi, Dictator, Socialist, Communist, Anti-Christ), and to ensure President Obama wasn’t elected for a second term. This Congress, and the previous one, has been nearly as unproductive as the Congress Harry Truman had to put up with in the 1940’s, which holds the record for being the most do-nothing Congress in American history.

According to data released by a startup company called Quoram, started by two Harvard graduates, which collects data from multiple resources, shows women senators are more likely to introduce legislature than their male colleagues over the last six years.

Since 2009, when the 111th Congress was sworn in, female senators introduced an average of 96.31 bills while male senators submitted an average of 70.72 bills.

The bills that were submitted by female senators also fared better, receiving 9.10 co-sponsers to a male’s 5.94. The bills female senators wrote were also more likely to make it out of committees and were enacted into law more often than bills authored by male senators. Females were also more likely to co-sponsor bills with all females (democrat or republican) 6.29 times, more than males 4.07 with all males of all parties.

According to an article published by Time, during the government shutdown of 2013, women helped end the bickering and negotiate a deal that helped end the shutdown. Time headlined this article “Women Are The Only Adults Left In Washington.”

Quorum also noted that in the House, there is no such disparity between male and female representatives productivity.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), who has sat in the House of Representatives since 1983, offered USA Today an explanation for this productivity:

Women bring a breadth of experience that will be important to the work of every committee. They bring life experience and perceptions that have been missing here. I hope the operations of Congress will change and be more productive and less contentious.

Women alone cannot keep this country running. They are still a minority even with the record breaking 20 women elected to the Senate and 78 elected to the House being part of the 113th Congress. So while the men in Washington, bicker and squabble and beat their chests, it’s women who are working quietly and more efficiently than their male counterparts.

H/T: Huffington Post | Photo: Mondo Weiss

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