NRATV Host: Minimum Wage Should ABOLISHED, Not Raised, Because Slave Wages Equals ‘FREEDOM’ (VIDEO)

Recently, the National Rifle Association’s NRATV tried to defend Donald Trump’s dubious cabinet picks, including fast food CEO Andy Puzder for labor secretary.

However, instead of making a case for Puzder, NRATV host Grant Stinchfield once again proved that the NRA’s heart is as cold as the guns they worship.

On their December 15 broadcast, Stinchfield claimed that raising the minimum wage is unnecessary and that low-wage employees regularly turn down promotions because they “don’t want to lose the free stuff from the government.”

Stinchfield also took it a step further. He claimed that minimum wage goes against the American ideals of “freedom,” arguing that requiring a minimum wage discriminated against “low-level workers.”

Here’s the full transcript:

“As the media continues to freak out over the election of Donald Trump, it continues to spew negative stories about him none of which are based in fact. As The Wall Street Journal points out, we are being told that we can’t trust any of Trump’s cabinet picks. Mainstream reporters tell us they are all a threat to our nation.

Take the pick of Andy Puzder for labor secretary. They say he’s unacceptable to the left because he is against the minimum wage hike. But the left fails to realize the minimum wage is the most discriminatory regulation ever enacted. You see, we at NRATV are all about freedom. That includes freedom to make decisions and deals for yourself.

Now imagine you have little mental capacity, you can’t do anything but sweep the floor. To a business you are not worth eight, 10, or certainly not $15 an hour. Now that might sound harsh, but the minimum wage is harsher. With it, the government just barred you from working.

Even if someone wants to pay you five dollars an hour, they can’t. Meaning the minimum wage leaves millions of low-level workers on the sidelines. Do away with the minimum wage and you put millions of Americans back to work tomorrow. Now that’s freedom. It’s also something the left refuses to acknowledge, just as it can’t acknowledge gun ownership equals freedom too.”

Stinchfield (in this case more appropriately spelled with an “e,” not an “i”) represents the growing culture of conservatives who have absolutely no regard for the millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet. In their minds, those people shouldn’t even complain; they should just “work harder” for the same low pay.

Republicans prove year after year that the only Americans they respect are the ones with large bank accounts who can donate to their war chests.

In the NRA’s case, the term “war chest” is literal. They have been at war against reform and regulations that would save the lives of thousands of Americans each year so that the firearms industry can enjoy bigger profits.

The NRA is the amoral, predatory, anti-life puppet of the billion dollar gun industry, who swears they believe in protecting citizens against dangerous criminals.

But when they’ve had the opportunity to deny people involved in domestic violence the right to own firearms, they’ve sided with the abusers.

They also support the right for felons to own guns, but not their right to vote (which is much more dangerous to their interests).

So abolishing the minimum wage falls in line with the NRA’s anti-life agenda, which only cares about piling up their corporate masters’ blood money.

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