NRA ShockJock: Kim Kardashian ‘Paranoid’ And Should Shut Up About Gun Control (AUDIO)

When it comes to crappy radio, the right wing has cornered the market. Two NRA radio hosts recently attacked Kim Kardashian West for advocating for better, stronger gun laws by calling her a “paranoid and freaked out” hypocrite. Why? Because she employs legal, licensed, and presumably background checked, armed guards.

Celebrities like Kardashian West are often seen as vacuous, or self-serving. However, when they use that celebrity to enhance the visibility of life-or-death issues such as our extremely weak and nearly useless gun laws, that is a good thing. Not to the NRA or it’s lackeys, of course, that is the last thing they want or need, big names calling attention to the reality that we need to enact better laws. Oh, and that those laws aren’t “taking their gunz,” either.

Kardashian West, along with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, attended a lunch with the mothers of gun violence victims hosted by Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. Kardashian West shared a photo of her wrist with a leather bracelet that said “not one more,” during the lunch.

Cam & Company host Cam Edwards and co-host Jenn Jacques of the gun blog Bearing Arms, were quite serious in their disapproval of Kardashian West, calling her a hypocrite, “paranoid and freaked out,” and showing their absolute ignorance of what groups like Every Town for Gun Safety, and up to 80 percent of America, want.

Jenn, one of the hosts, tried to equate Kardashian having security to protect her family (that follows all of the rules that Kardashian was supporting at the events) with Jenn not being allowed to protect hers. She uses the word hypocrisy but doesn’t really seem to understand it. As long as Jenn herself isn’t buying illegal guns, unable to pass a background check or a domestic abuser, none of what Kardashian West is advocating for would affect her, period.

I think it’s disgusting that at the same time [Kardashian West is] calling for strengthening gun laws in America she’s utilizing her celebrity status to have armored tanks and armored vehicles carry her family around with teams of armed body guards. It’s just flat-out hypocrisy.

You see, Kardashian West using armed security that falls securely under the heading of “well regulated,” isn’t hypocrisy. It is a direct reaction to knowing that we don’t have universal background checks and that gun violence is epidemic in the US. It is a reaction to her being a mother, and wanting her children safe from known criminals and abusers getting guns.

Everytown for Gun Safety advocates for laws stopping domestic abusers from getting guns, universal background checks, education for parents to stop preventable deaths with safe storage and responsible ownership of firearms, and stronger trafficking laws to assist law enforcement.

None of that makes hiring licensed, background checked, educated, and legal gun owners for a security detail “hypocrisy,” “paranoid,” or “freaked out.” None.

Listen to the NRA shock jocks attempt to tar Kardashian with the same brush that the NRA has used to tar anyone who would advocate for gun sense while using armed security:

Featured image via Matt Winkelmeyer /Getty Images

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