NRA Renews Attacks On Hillary After Trump Calls For Actual Gun Grab (TWEETS)

The fact is that Donald Trump has declared himself in support of actual gun grabbing by police. Not from white people, of course, but from people of color in order to control “black on black” crime.

Guess who isn’t saying anything about that? The NRA. Guess who they are back to attacking as of this morning? Hillary Clinton. Their golden boy just laid a racist, rotten, egg and they can do nothing but attack Clinton for what Trump is actually proposing to do.

First, they tweeted out the below advertisement again, claiming Hillary wants to take away your right to own guns. Clinton’s position on gun control is clearly spelled out on her website and has nothing in it that would “take away your right” to self-defense.

Referring to that shock ad. the NRA then sent out another tweet against her a half hour later. They chose to ignore Trump’s bold faced call for a police state in which arms can be literally taken away without due process and instead took a swipe, again, at Hillary.

To truly understand the depth of Donald Trump’s comments — and the length that the NRA is going to ignore them — you can look to one of the few Conservative bloggers actually telling the truth about this. A writer for RedState, Leon H. Wolf, wrote the following when stating his opinion that the NRA (who have given Trump an A rating) should strongly condemn Trump’s call for disarming Americans at the whims of police.

He stated that if Hillary Clinton were to become president and encourage police in “posh white suburbs” to stop and frisk people to take “their guns away,” the second amendment crowd would be having “a cow.” One would venture to guess that “having a cow” is a tremendous understatement, actually.

“Just look at the way people are reacting to legislative proposals to increase background checks before owning a gun – total rigid opposition and nonstop condemnation of the push to confiscate guns.”

“On the other hand, one of the two major Presidential candidates is out there actively saying that the police need to be aggressively stopping people on the street and frisking them with an eye towards literally taking their guns. I mean, this is not making it harder or more inconvenient to get a gun, or putting gun owners on a list, or reducing magazine sizes, this is, ‘hey, cops should be stopping people on the street and taking their guns. Especially in the black community.'”

Donald Trump has literally just called for taking away peoples’ guns, what the NRA has been saying that Liberals and Hillary Clinton want to happen. Instead of acknowledging that, they referenced her saying that she felt that a SCOTUS ruling on the 2nd Amendment was wrong and she would “make a case for that.”

What Hillary Clinton has called for is this:

  • Expand background checks. 
  • Close the so-called “Charleston Loophole.”
  • Ban semi-automatic “assault weapons.”

The left has been saying for more than eight years: no one is coming for your guns. The NRA just proved that if there is anyone trying to “take guns” from citizens, it will be from the right and they won’t do a thing to stop it unless you are white or in their club.

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