NRA Lobbyist Blows Off Obama Town Hall On Guns, Goes On Fox News Instead (VIDEO)

In the lead-up to President Obama’s announcement about executive actions he plans to take on guns, Republicans, and even a few Democrats, were chiding him for acting unilaterally. Donald Trump said that the president should work with congress to try and find solutions to gun violence. But one of the major players in this issue, the NRA, refuses to discuss it with the president, and on Thursday evening, while the president was holding a town hall meeting about guns, the chief NRA lobbyist was talking to Fox News’s Megyn Kelly.

You might think that Chris Cox, who runs the NRA’s Institute For Legislative Action, would have wanted to take up the White House’s offer to take part in the discussion. But no, Cox seemed to feel that his time would be better spent on Fox News, bashing President Obama for being “weak,” and failing to “keep us safe.”

The first words out of Cox’s mouth are about the December shooting in San Bernardino. Cox says that the president could have used that opportunity to unite the country, and lay out a plan to fight terrorism, but instead, he used the tragedy to push for gun control. Cox isn’t so stupid as to think, given the type of weapons involved in that attack, that it was totally divorced from the gun control debate, but he seems to think that Fox viewers won’t make the connection.

Cox proves that the NRA has become completely intransigent and unhinged when Kelly asks him this question: “Does it make sense to meet with [the president]?” Cox replies:

Well and talk about what, Megyn? This president can talk about background checks all day long. But that’s nothing more than a distraction away from the fact that he can’t keep us safe and he supported every gun control proposal that’s ever been made. He doesn’t support the individual right to own a firearm. That’s been the position of his Supreme Court nominees. That’s been the position of his administration. So what are we going to talk about, basketball?

Cox wants you to believe that President Obama wants to take away your guns, but on Tuesday, President Obama, a former constitutional law professor, said that he believes in the second amendment. And not too long ago, in the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Obama was criticized for having done nothing to address gun control.

In a rare moment of sanity, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade criticized Cox for not attending the president’s town hall. After co-host Steve Doocy makes excuses for the NRA, saying that the organizers of the meeting “stacked the deck” against the NRA, Kilmeade replies,

I understand that. But Chris Cox, I believe, should have shown up anyway.

After Doocy interjects by pointing out that Cox would have only been allowed to ask one question, Kilmeade continues,

Chris Cox says he’s been invited to the Oval Office to talk about this. Of course you’re not going to agree with the president. You’ve got to go. Show up. Give your point of view and run to a camera and tell us how the president was or wasn’t listening.

The president has proven, over and over again, that he is ready to talk, and to listen. He has implored congress to do something. It’s the NRA, not Barack Obama, that isn’t willing to talk, and isn’t listening. They would rather push the idea that President Obama wants to take your guns than try to be part of the solution to what almost everyone agrees is one of America’s biggest problems.

Here are the videos of Cox with Megyn Kelly, and the comments of Brian Kilmeade, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Fox News/Media Matters screen capture

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