NRA Commercial Tells Iran: ‘Don’t Mess With America, We’re A Bunch Of Crazy F*ckers’ (VIDEO)

Fresh on the heels of their endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential bid, the NRA seems to have set itself up as his state department, or maybe more accurately his war department. The organization has produced a one-minute commercial featuring batshit crazy Obama hater Charlie Daniels, who delivers a message to Iran that they “and every terrorist you enable” haven’t met the “real America.”

Conservatives have been smarting over the Iran nuclear deal for months, which is apparently why this video was produced. Daniels tells viewers that “real” Americans aren’t like President Obama, “our fresh-faced flower child president and his weak-kneed Ivy League friends.” No, says Daniels, real Americans live in the “heartland” and do manly things like make steel and work in mines. “Real” Americans apparently don’t go to college and serve their communities in ways other than military service, like being teachers, doctors, and nurses. “Real” Americans wrestle alligators. No, I’m not making this up.

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“Real” Americans also include the police who “fight the good fight in the urban war zones,” keeping those pesky black folks in their place. (OK, Daniels doesn’t say that last part, but it’s heavily implied.)

To summarize, according to one washed-up country singer and the NRA, to be a “real” American you have to live away from the coasts, be relatively uneducated and work with your hands. It also seems to help if you are somebody who has no clue that decades of American foreign policy blunders are largely responsible for making Iran into what it is today.

It’s kind of interesting that NRA national headquarters is located in Fairfax, Virginia, just a stone’s throw from Washington, D.C. (miles and miles away from Daniels’ “real” America). And the people who work for the gun advocacy group are lobbyists and other political types who only work with their hands when they pick up a phone to buy another politician. So by Daniels’ standards the people who paid him to do their ad don’t qualify as “real” Americans.

After Daniels finishes naming his list of real Americans, he says, “No, you’ve never met America, and you had better pray you never do.”

Yeah, Charlie, I’m sure your words and your cartoon cowboy outfit have Iranians shaking in their boots. That is if they can stop laughing long enough.

Here’s the ad, via the NRA:

Featured image via NRA screen capture

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