NPR Zings Donald Trump’s Visit To Sanders’ State Of Vermont And It Is Hilarious

Donald Trump went to campaign in Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont. Why, we don’t know, because most presidential candidates haven’t been willing to try and campaign for the state’s 16 GOP delegates. NRP’s version of the event includes a zinger that perfectly encapsulates Trump’s entire campaign:

A three-ring political circus arrived in Burlington, Vt., Thursday when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in one of the most liberal cities in the country.

There’s really no other way to describe it. Trump works hard to please his audience in a very outlandish way, so it’s like he thinks he’s the ringleader of a three-ring circus, with a goal to entertain more than anything. He has yet to learn that campaigning is about a lot more than shallow entertainment.

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He even once had an elephant appear at a rally. In Sarasota, he actually had a live elephant on the scene with the words, “Trump, Make America Great Again,” painted on its side. How absolutely cruel, but of course, conservatives don’t care about things like that. Trump’s crowds see things like racism, sexism, animal cruelty, and more, as nothing more than political correctness run amok.

The elephant belongs to Frank Murray, owner of The Elephant Walk, and since Murray is a Trump supporter and elephants are the symbol of the GOP, he decided this would be a good way to show his support. There was no better way to showcase the circus that is Donald Trump than that, but Murray probably didn’t connect the dots on that one.

NPR isn’t the only outlet calling Trump’s campaign a “circus.” AlterNet called it an “ugly circus,” where Trump spent time trying to convince people that they’d get bored with his rampant success, and also kicked protesters out without their coats. Trump has demonstrated that he has zero patience for anyone who disagrees with him, to the point of egging his supporters on when they beat a black protester at one of his rallies in the Deep South.

Trump spent the evening in Vermont telling his supporters that he’s the only strong candidate in the entire field, and everyone else is weak, stupid and incompetent. He repeatedly uses what AlterNet calls his “stagecraft” to ensure that he’ll have the maximum effect at his rallies while not really saying anything at all. The more outrageous, the more theatrical, and the more dramatic he is, the more people are drawn to him. It doesn’t matter whether he’s got substance or not.

Hence, the assertion that his campaign is nothing more than a circus. NPR’s hilarious zing won’t be the last, but it might be difficult to top without finding a new word for “circus.”


Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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