Notoriously Hateful, Mean And Divisive Donald Trump Claims He Will Become ‘Great Unifier’ (VIDEO)

In an election cycle that has, to date, been chock full of negativity (mostly on the Republican side of the fence), Donald Trump has taken the name-calling and opponent bashing to a new level. Never one to think before he speaks, Trump has been particularly nasty in comments about fellow candidates Jeb Bush and Ben Carson. So, it came as quite a surprise when Trump, The Great Attacker, had the cojones to call himself “a great unifier.

During an interview with Jake Tapper on Sunday’s State of the Union, Trump lauded his abilities as a businessman to get along with everybody, Democrat or Republican. After watching the Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearings, he expressed concern at the level of hatred and partisanship he viewed. And of course, he talked about the “biggest people in the world” that know him who agree with him.

But true to Trump form, in the same breath he turned the tables and blamed President Obama for the level of division in the country today.

I know…kind of takes your breath away, doesn’t it?  That level of hypocrisy truly boggles the mind.

Lest we forget and buy into his garbage rhetoric, here are a few examples of Donald Trump’s attempts at “unification”:

  • Ben Carson has “lower energy” than Jeb Bush
  • If Hillary Clinton can’t ‘satisfy’ her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?
  • Calling women fat pigs, dogs, slobs, bimbos and disgusting animals
  • Attacking Carly Fiorina for the way her face looks
  • Our leaders are stupid and our politicians are stupid (but he now wants to be one of them?)
  • Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists
  • Jeb Bush was meeting with his “mommy & daddy” to discuss campaign strategy

Donald Trump is a very rich man, so he has a lot of power to throw his weight around. That much power possessed by a man who obviously hasn’t progressed past a 14-year-old’s emotional level is a dangerous thing. OK, I get it.

The Apprentice is proof that a lot of idiots people enjoyed his antics.

Some thought it was fun to see him lash out at contestants who didn’t succeed at whatever task they were given. It’s apparently entertaining to watch him pit people against each other. But frankly, that kind of “gang up” mentality is sickening. And it’s certainly not the kind of behavior we need in a President.

Watch Trump predictably talk about his favorite subject — how awesome he is — in the video below:

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