Not To Worry, Kim Davis Has Promised To Be Back In Jail In No Time

Yes, right-wing lunatics, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was released from jail to a hail of applause and singing. Frolicking among the signs of support and the next incarnation of the Tea Party, Davis walked away with one thing absolutely clear: She’ll be back in jail tomorrow.

You see, the release had nothing to do with her winning her ridiculous “religious freedom” appeal. It had nothing to do with pressure from blowhards Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz. Davis was released because the men who filed the case reported to the judge that they had received their license, meaning Davis’ office was in compliance with the court order.

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The judge made it perfectly clear that Davis was to not interfere with the issuing of marriage licences when she gets back to work, an order she and her attorneys have already vowed to break.

You won’t see Davis marching back to work today; she probably wants to spend a night in her own home before being moved to her new home in the detention center after she again violates a federal judge’s order. Maybe this time Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz will stand between her and her jailors, refusing to move and getting arresting themselves for obstruction.

At any rate, this entire scenario has been a hilarious little injection of actual constitutional law for the imbeciles on the right who honestly believe the only laws people need to follow in this country are the ones they agree with. They found out in no uncertain terms that while Kim Davis has the right to not issue licenses herself, she doesn’t have the authority to impede the rights of others by demanding her clerks do the same.

That’s what it always boils down to with these clowns, though, isn’t it? What they want to happen in the name of Jesus and hypocrisy is all that matters. A couple of presidential candidates are bound to agree, so why not run with it? Why not turn our country into a 17th century theocracy?

The only question that remains will be how the judge will react when Davis walks into that office and orders everyone to stop issuing marriage licenses. Will she be allowed to leave again when her deputies being following the law? Or will he deem that a fruitless endeavor? One thing is clear: Kim Davis continues to prove that she is unfit to hold her office.

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