‘Not Racist’ Ron Paul Says Blacks Vote Against War To Keep That Money For Food Stamps (AUDIO)

When the subject of Ron Paul comes up two things come to mind. How racist he is and how idiotic Libertarianism is.

Paul has defended his blatant racism, all while claiming he’s not racist, for years. This is the guy who thinks blacks would be better off had the Civil Rights Act never happened.

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In keeping with tradition, Grampa Freemarket said that the Congressional Black Caucus is opposed to war because it wants to keep that money for food stamps.

Nothing stereotypical or racist about that. Certainly not.

The remarks came in a discussion with Lew Rockwell about sanctions. He told Rockwell that the CBC would vote for sanctions to “look tough” but would never get the results they wanted.

In fact only one member of the CBC voted against the war in Afghanistan while most voted against going to Iraq.

Was that to keep the money for food stamps or was that because they had a good idea the American people were being lied to?

Those two wars ultimately racked up numbers in the trillions of dollars, where food stamp spending, money used to feed hungry Americans and not as a gift to Haliburton and the Carlysle Group, runs in the area of $80 billion a year.

Comparing the two is ludicrous, and vilifying black members of congress for being opposed to war is inflammatory and crass.

Buzz Feed has some great material on Paul, who has advocated for abolition of law, secession, privatization of everything and oppression against minorities.

Listen to the audio courtesy of Buzz Feed:

H/T: Freak Out Nation | Image: Wikipedia

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