‘Not Racist’ CA Official Censured Because He Can’t Stop Saying ‘Little N*gger Babies’ (VIDEO)

Laython Landis of the Oro Loma Sanitary District in California was recently censured by his fellow council members for being an idiot.

Landis, who is 88 years old, can’t seem to stop using the phrase “little n*gger babies.”  He is also a well-known sexist and all around douchebag.

In front of the board and its audience, Landis referred to the weather in the Bay Area:

It looks like it’s going to rain cats and dogs and n*gger babies today.

According to board president Tim Becker, problems with Landis go far beyond that single incident and the board is currently seeking a legal route to his removal.  “Mr. Landis has made sexist comments to our female district staff. And it’s simply becoming more and more of a pattern of behavior,” Becker said.

Landis doesn’t see any problems with his behavior or crass vocabulary, stating that his use of terms like “n*gger babies” is simply a product of another generation.  He is adamant that he isn’t a racist:

I apologized to people who were offended that I keep saying ‘n*gger babies.’  I don’t know, it just comes out.  Its like cats and dogs and n*gger babies is about as old as I am.

Landis is 88 years old, but does that give him the right to not change with the times?  What’s more troubling is that this man continues to get re-elected.  Now that his behavior has become so public, voters in his district want him fired, but Landis says he will not step down and intends to run for his seat again.

I’m going to live to be 102 and shot by a jealous husband.

Perhaps Landis is on to something.  His best course of action may be to run for Congress with the support of the not-racist Tea Party.  They’ll hold his “brutal honesty” in high regard and demand that he be the next lead investigator on Benghazi.

Watch the video from  KPIX:

H/T: Raw Story | Image: Screengrab from video

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