Not Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck Can Take Fox News Anymore

The Wrap is reporting that “Fox & Friends” co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck will leave the show by the end of the year. She’s only been there since 2013 but she claims she wants to go spend more time with her family. When a politician says that they’re generally overwhelmed with scandal and its code for “I’m being pushed out.” In the media, it can even mean “I signed a contract not to say anything bad about these wackos.” But according to her, neither of these ideas are true.

In a long press release about the decision, she tells fans

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Throughout my 14 years working in television, I have never experienced a more positive and thoughtful atmosphere than FOX News Channel, thanks to the strong leadership of (FOX News Chairman & CEO) Roger Ailes, who has created the best working environment a woman and mother could ask for.

Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes also commented saying

Elisabeth and I discussed this at length over several weeks, and while I would love for her to continue here, I respect her incredibly difficult, yet deeply personal decision. She has been a great addition to the Fox & Friends franchise.

The Ailes lovefest continued with her comment

His understanding, compassion, and kindness was exemplified when I shared with him that I am entering into a season where I want to start my day with my children first, and he offered his blessing to do so. With a heart full of gratitude and the peace that God has given me, I am confident that this personal decision is the right one for our family, and we will be joining all of you watching Fox & Friends each morning as we get ready for school together.


One would think after so many years on “The View” spreading her right wing nonsense, the relationship between the two would have been a match made in heaven that would continue forever, but something is pulling her away. Maybe it really is family obligations. Maybe she’s being forced into a decision to put her family before her career. Maybe she’s just tired. Maybe she wants to dye her hair brown. Either way, as much as we would all like to rejoice in another fake journalist’s career being devoured by the evil that is Fox News, they will likely replace her with another idiot to regurgitate the talking points. They’re like grey hairs that way: when one is plucked more grow in.

Good riddance to bad rubish.

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