Nobody ‘Likes’ Ted Cruz: Study Finds Facebook Users Unanimously Hate Him

Ever since announcing his intentions to seek the 2016 GOP presidential nomination and giving limitless fodder to comedians and writers like myself, Tea Partier Ted Cruz has been scaring voters away like three year-old girls. The latest poll shows him trailing miserably behind Hillary Clinton in a potential match-up, and he’s still well behind his 2013 GOP primary numbers with Republicans in another poll. 

But it seems he sucks even more on Facebook than he does in real life, according to a new ABC News study. 

Ever since announcing his presidential intentions, Tea Party Ted’s  popularity has taken a nosedive. A new ABC News study shows that the percentage of negative comments being posted about Cruz has risen to 61% while his positives dropped to 34%. And while many might think the cause is purely people coming down from their 4/20 high, it seems it’s due to Cruz’s very unpopular position on “net neutrality.”

For example, Cruz somehow doesn’t favor a line that mandates all internet traffic be treated the same, which is something that even adult film stars understand for fu*k’s sake. Consequently, Ted Cruz’s hilariously misinformed stand on net neutrality (Comcast gave him big campaign cash) has pissed off the Facebook crowd. Of course, the issue goes further than just Facebook. For example,  when the FCC started to accepting public comments on their intentions to kill net neutrality, the comments brought public opposition to a staggering 99.9% against.

Once again, Republicans are proving that they could care less about winning over younger voters, and would instead like to focus on getting as much Koch and Adelson cash to keep their miserably uninformed aging base voting against their economic self-interest.

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