Nobody Is Talking About This Helpless Group Of People Being Forced To Drink Poisoned Flint Water

Inmates at the Genesee County Jail are experiencing the very definition of “cruel and unusual punishment” by being forced to drink the extremely toxic and possibly disease-bearing Flint municipal water. Yes, this is the same water that is carrying unconscionable amounts of toxic lead poisoning and has caused 10 deaths from Legionnaires disease so far.

Everyone is scurrying to provide clean water to Flint residents, but nobody is doing anything to help the inmates at the prison. It’s barely being discussed in the media while the actual town is at the center of worldwide attention.

It doesn’t matter if you are a prisoner or not. We, as a nation, are better than this.

Inmates are currently being given only two 12-ounce bottles of clean water per day. This is well under the recommended 100 ounces per day for men and 73 ounces per day for women.

Jody Cramer, a former inmate, said, “Prior to this, they had already started handing out bottles of water when this first broke in October. And then they stopped, saying that their water was good. We’ve been told that there’s nothing wrong with washing your body or hands with this water.”

The municipal water is NOT good, and it’s been proven that even now it is totally unsafe.

Inmates are freaking out over this because they know the water is not only toxic but possibly carrying a deadly disease. They have no choice, so they’re literally being forced to drink poison while they watch the prison guards and other employees being afraid to even touch the water.

It’s well known that convicts have little to no rights in America, and rarely does anyone seriously care about them. However, this is just simply beyond reason. It’s insanely criminal to do something like this to a helpless set of people, regardless of their past transgressions.

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