Noam Chomsky: Today’s Democrats Are Actually ‘Moderate Republicans’ (VIDEO)

Renowned scholar Noam Chomsky said in a recent interview that most of today’s elected Democrats have shifted so far to the right that they are no longer truly Democrats all, rather in reality they are “moderate Republicans.”

There used to be a quip that the United States was a one-party state with a business party that had two factions: the Democrats and Republicans—and that used to be pretty accurate, but it’s not anymore. The U.S. is still a two-party state, but there’s only one faction, and it’s not Democrats, it’s moderate Republicans. Today’s Democrats have shifted to the right.

This is not to say that he believes the United States is operating on a one-party political system. Chomsky believes that we are still operating on a two-party system because Republicans have moved to the right as well. In fact, the GOP has shifted so far to the right that they are no longer a true political party at all but instead have become a “radical insurgency,” as Chomsky explained:

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[Political scientist] Norman Ornstein simply describes the Republican Party today as a ‘radical insurgency that doesn’t care about fact, doesn’t care about argument, doesn’t want to participate in politics, and is simply off the spectrum.'”

Watch more on Chomsky’s interview here:

In 2012, President Obama expressed similar sentiments about his own policies and how far right the Democratic Party has moved, saying that his policies were “so mainstream,” that in the 1980s he himself would have been considered a moderate Republican.

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