‘No Money For You!’ — Charles Koch Not Impressed With Anyone In GOP Clown Car (VIDEO)

Ultra-conservative, ultra-rich Charles Koch is no stranger to throwing money around political campaigns. With a verified Koch plan to spend $300 million on direct contributions to political campaigns in the upcoming 2016 elections, the Republican presidential candidates have been drooling and post-dating checks spending the Koch millions. But not so fast. Koch has just announced he has no intention of backing any particular candidate during the Republican primaries.

In an interview published in USA Today, Koch stated:

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I have no plans to support anybody in the primary now. If they start saying things we think are beneficial overall and will change the trajectory of the country, then that would be good, but we have to believe also they’ll follow through on it, and by and large, candidates don’t do that.

Sounds like Charles Koch has these candidates pegged. We can see it now. Trump will bluster he doesn’t need Koch money; he has his own. Jeb can rely on Mommy & Daddy’s network of rich friends, Carly Fiorina will count on rich tech donors. Ben Carson will say money isn’t politically correct anyway. And poor Marco Rubio can always whip out the credit card.

Although Koch has never backed a primary candidate before, he did state in April of this year he was considering contributing to several primary candidates before settling on one to back in the general election. Apparently Koch has had a change of heart. Could it be that even he is not happy with the rhetoric emanating from the Republican presidential candidate clown car?

Looks like the teller window at the Bank of Koch may be closed for a while. Get ready for an onslaught of Republican donation pleas.

Let’s watch what Charles Koch thinks about the candidates:

Featured image courtesy of sanders.senate.gov.

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