No Matt Drudge, Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Wear A Wig — Here Is The Proof (VIDEO)

Matt Drudge, being the conservative darling that he is, tweeted allegations yesterday that Hillary Clinton wears a wig. It’s a nice try, considering the fun we have all had about Trump’s hair. I mean c’mon – Trump’s hair!

Unfortunately for Drudge, it just doesn’t have the same staying power because there is proof, other than the words of her hairstylist from Santa’s Hair Salon, that Hillary Clinton’s hair is real and not a wig.

First, here are the tweets:

Oh man, he thought he had it!  He gave it a good college try.

But, alas, the former McDonald’s manager forgot something that instantly stunts the growth of his infant rumor. Apparently Drudge forgot that in September, Hillary Clinton was on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” On the show, the two did something that basically blows the whole wig thing completely out of the water.

Watch The Proof That Hillary Doesn’t Wear A Wig, Here:


Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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