No, Jim Bakker, Witches Are Not ‘Advising The Leadership Of The Country’ (VIDEO)

Our old buddy Jim Bakker is at it again. While he flogs his survivalist gear, he has hate-filled “Christians” on his show to gin up the fear factor and drive up demand. This time, it’s a Family Research Council member and former Army lieutenant colonel named Robert Maginnis. The topic? That evil Obama has nominated a Muslim-American judge for U.S. District Court. Oh noes!

Bakker, ever the chicken little, saw this as Obama granting “preferential treatment” to Muslims. Because we all know that he’s a secret Muslim and is going to implement Sharia law any day now (my eyes hurt from rolling them). Bakker loves to play the victim, asserting that Christianity will now be relegated to basements and closets.

“It seems like our nation is kinder to other faiths and Christianity is being put down further and further and further.”

Listen up, Sparky: Christianity is the majority religion in this country. But you might not understand what “majority” means, after all it’s more than 2 syllables. What it means is that most judges in America — from the Supreme Court on down — are Christian. There are only three Muslim judges that I can find in the country and the highest seated is a California state judge. But that’s not scary enough to get Bakker’s marks viewers to buy his survivalist stuff.

Maginnis agreed (of course), declaring that persecution against Christians is “rampant” in the Pentagon. The Pentagon! The guys who only recently admitted that there are military personnel who are something other than Christian and that the military must make accommodations for them. Bakker asserted, too, that the Obama administration has been “aggressive” against Christians. Proof? Oh, they don’t need proof. They have truthiness.

But wait! There’s more. Maginnis claims that he has “personally met” with Witches who told him that they were “advising” high-level government officials in Washington, D.C.

“I know that there’s demonic forces in that city. I have personally met people that refer to themselves as witches, people that say they advise the senior leadership of the country. We invite within the federal government people to advise us and often some of those advisers, I think, have evil motivations, things that you and I would not approve of.”

Gosh, I didn’t know that the government had to clear everything they do with Jim Bakker and his Kast of Krazy Khristians. If that were the case, nothing would ever get done. “Things you and I would not approve of.” Give me a break. America isn’t built to be operated according to pseudo-Christian whim.

Oh, and Witches are not demonic. Yeah, I know Bakker and his predecessors going back over 2,000 years have tried to make everyone think so. Done a pretty good job of that, in fact. Good enough that hundreds of thousands of people over that time have been murdered for their supposed “demonic” affiliations. But real Witches, ones that follow the Old Religion, are not demonic and, frankly, I’m getting pretty f**king tired of having to defend our faith. This is the Internet age; Google it.

One other thing. Anyone can call themselves a Witch. But that doesn’t make it so. Just as people like Jim Bakker and Robert Maginnis can call themselves Christian. It’s not what one says, but what ones does, that shows one’s religiosity and serves as an example of their faith. In the case of Witches, it’s how we treat the Earth and one another.

For Christians, it’s how well they follow Jesus’ directive: love God, love one another. Jim Bakker and Robert Maginnis are poor examples of that. Which is why they’ve earned the appellation of pseudo-Christian.

Here’s the clip via Right Wing Watch:

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