No Coincidence: Trump Re-Tweets Two More White Supremacists (TWEETS)

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has a yuuuuge following among White Supremacists. On Friday, he was castigated for retweeting an account called “@WhiteGenocideTM” — kind of hard to miss that one. On Sunday, proving that he either doesn’t care or is too dumb to check (likely the former), Trump retweeted two more White Supremacists’ Tweets.

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Both of these accounts are overtly racist and homophobic. They follow other racist Twitter accounts and attract the same. For example, from the @NeilTurner account:

It’s not the first time Trump has retweeted Neil Turner:

And from the @keksec_org account (who often Tweets under the hashtag #whitegirlsaremagic and is a misogynist, as well)):

Jason Bergkamp, the person behind the @kecsec_org account claims that Trump has actually retweeted him six times. As if that makes it better. What do they call this? Oh, right, trickle down. Only, instead of money, Bergkamp is getting attention. It’s surprising that Trump is willing to share any of that commodity which he holds so dear.

The fact that Trump not only accepts the support of avowed White Supremacists but shares their ugly comments on his Twitter feed is proof that he just doesn’t care if he’s seen as one of them. He feeds their xenophobic, racist paranoia because he just can’t help himself. Anyone who loves the Donald is loved by the Donald. If that means he consorts with White Supremacists, so be it.

If we can judge a man by the company he keeps, we can judge Trump as a White Supremacist, as well. Nobody who shares or espouses bilge like these people Trump has retweeted belongs in the White House. Period.


Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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