Nine Myths About Immigration The Right Is Dead Wrong About

When it comes to immigration, the right has shown an excessive amount of intolerance and bigotry.  That ignorance can be largely attributed to the myths about immigration and undocumented workers spread through the hateful pages and groups of right-winger social media.

The GOP loves to perpetuate these myths and lies, because they see immigrants as poor, lazy people who will most likely vote blue whenever they have the chance.

Here are the 9 myths right-wingers love the most and the reasons why they just aren’t true:

9) Dial “1” for English:

The belief that immigrants refuse to learn English is absolutely absurd.  Imagine you decided to move to a foreign country.  When you arrive, your pride for your language and unwillingness to learn another becomes more important than being able to communicate with the locals, find a job, rent an apartment, or order take-out.

Immigrants in America face the same issues.  While there may be a plethora of businesses that offer services in other languages, by and large English is the number one language here, and learning it is essential to survival.

While 62% of Americans feel immigrants don’t learn English fast enough, 96% of foreign-born Latinos say it is very important to teach English to the children of immigrant families.

8.) Immigrants hate America:

Would you travel hundreds, even thousands of miles, risk arrest, deportation and even death to live in a place you hated?

The dream of reaching America is nothing new.  Pictures of boatloads of immigrants from all across Europe smiling and waving at the Statue of Liberty are a revered part of our culture, but when people with brown skin risk life and limb for the same dream, they hate America; otherwise why would they come here illegally?

The American dream has been reduced to the white, already live here, go back to your own country selfish mantra of the right.

7.) Immigration comes with a $24k “Amnesty Bonus”:

Talk about spin.  This is so far from the truth it’s ridiculous.  The law states that when a worker receives a valid social security number, they can go back and file taxes for the three years prior.  The law is the same for everyone.  In order for an undocumented worker to receive this $24K, they would first have to have paid taxes for the three years prior.  They would then have to have 3 documented depended children and earn at the top of the bell-curve for the earned income tax credit.

Immigrants getting this “bonus” would be single workers with 3 children earning $12-$15K a year that have payed taxes without a social security number for three years.  The number of people who would qualify would be infinitesimal at best.

The right would have you believe 11 million people are getting $24K each.  That would be $2.64 trillion.  We may need to think about cutting defense.

6.) Immigrants can collect social security:

Another marvelous piece of spin.  Illegal immigrants can not collect social security.  When they become documented under the President’s amnesty measures and receive social security numbers, their earnings will count towards their insured status, just like everyone else.

According to the Congressional Research Service, “If the individual had work authorization at some point, all of his or her Social Security-covered earnings count toward insured status.”  That means they would have to have paid into the system with valid work authorization.

The best part of this fact is that it was reported in a right-wing article about illegals collecting social security.

5.) Food Stamps handed out at the border:

The USDA is very specific about who can and can’t receive food benefits.  You must be a documented resident unless you qualify for a special status.  The only immigrants qualifying for that status that come across the southern border would be children under 18, and even then, they must be documented for asylum.

We all know the right hates feeding children, so they will most likely continue to complain, but their assertion that immigrants walk across the border and get an EBT card handed to them is ludicrous.

4.) Welfare checks allow immigrants to live the high life:

Illegal immigrants can not get a welfare check.  Period.  Under the rules of the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families program (TANF), not only do illegal immigrants not qualify, but many immigrants with legal, documented status don’t either.

The age of the welfare queen came to an end with Clinton’s welfare reform in 1996.  Welfare provides a very small amount of money, restricts the number of payments available in a person’s lifetime, and requires some form of work or job training for most recipients.  Having more children doesn’t increase your payment, and the $536 a month isn’t enough to buy new iPhones and lounge around on the government’s dime.

The welfare myths were brilliantly debunked HERE.

3.) Immigrants steal American jobs:

People who hire illegal immigrants don’t care about the law, America or human beings in general; they care about their profit margins.

In other words, Republicans.

The worst offenders are southern farms and construction companies who are looking to pay less than minimum wage, not have to worry about matching an employee’s payroll taxes, and don’t feel the need to comply with labor safety and labor laws.

Find me an American willing to work 12 hour days in the fields for 6 bucks an hour with no breaks and no overtime pay and you will convince me that illegals are stealing jobs.

2.) All Immigrants are from Mexico:

Have a look at this chart, which shows the immigration statistics from 2013:


While approximately 1/3rd of immigrants come from directly across our massive southern border, twice that number come from elsewhere.

The number one reason Mexicans come here is work.  Becoming documented is NOT an easy thing to accomplish.

1.) Immigration is a ploy to buy democrats votes:

Immigration isn’t a ploy at all.  Immigration is a fact of life in America and the rest of the civilized world.  People want to be treated fairly.  They want the right to be free, and they deserve the basic human rights afforded to people who live in countries like ours.

If Republicans are so concerned that immigrants will vote blue once they achieve citizenship, maybe they should consider not alienating them in virtually all of their policies.

The issue of illegal immigration isn’t one that can be solved with hate and intolerance.  Our President took what he felt were necessary steps to ensure that people (Yes, right-wingers, they are people) are given every opportunity to live the dream they traveled so far to achieve.


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