Newt Gingrich On The GOP Hopefuls: Hillary Barked! (VIDEO)

When asked by Fox New’s Sean Hannity if he is shocked by the (really, really, nasty, contentious, and sophomoric) rhetoric of the GOP nominee hopefuls as South Carolina approaches, Newt Gingrich took the matter seriously.

His response? To gloss over the behavior of the nasty boys and insult Hillary Clinton…of course.

I think it’s pretty tough, even by South Carolina standards, and when you have everybody yelling ‘you’re a liar, you’re a liar,’ it’s pretty strange. But, I have to take 3 seconds, Sean, to say: I think the Hillary barking thing may be the wierdest thing by a major Presidential Candidate I have ever seen.

He spends, at least, over half of this 8-minute interview attacking Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton, which is a lot longer than 3 seconds. Then most of the rest of the time in lamentation of Trump’s bullet-proof nature in the GOP race, but he never really does deal with the issue of the bratty, entitled, school-yard level antics of his party’s best and brightest. Oh, yeah, and he didn’t forget to plug his dot com and writing because…..sell, sell, sell!

What Gingrich does say in this interview, other than attacking the Democrats, selling his stuff, and mourning Trump: Sanders and Trump are in their own worlds, on the opposite ends of the spectrum, and the American people are moving away from the center “deal making” politicians (whom he intimated were Republican, despite the last eight years of obstructionist policies by the Republicans).

However, he then admits that his party’s self-centered, “f*ck you, I got mine,” nature is what makes Trump bulletproof:

The problem they’ve got is: Bush isn’t going to drop out, Rubio’s not gonna drop out, Cruz isn’t going to drop out, Kasich is not gonna drop out, Carson may be less of a factor, but take those four. Why should any one of them say ‘Oh, I am gonna sacrifice and quit, so we can consolidate?’. And the result is, I think, you are very likely gonna see Trump. I wish he was a little more Presidential.”

Typical Republican tactics: deflect, attack, (sell) distract, attack, fear-monger, (sell) and then attack.

Watch the interview here:


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