Newt Gingrich Exposes The Most Horrifying ‘Trump Effect’ Yet (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and total sold-out Foxbot dropped a nugget of truth today — Donald Trump’s over the top insanity has normalized the also insane Ted Cruz. Of Course, the statement that should have been heard around the world is buried in over 7 minutes worth of useless back and forth speculation of a brokered convention or stealth candidate for the GOP’s convention.

The moment of clarity came after Gingrich’s nearly masturbatorily enthusiastic comments about the founding fathers dancing in the street over the upset of the normal GOP method of candidate selection — you know, the “Powers that Be” select the candidate they want and conservatives vote for them? Hilarious really, coming from the establishment politician Gingrich.

At 4:20 of this rambling, Gingrich says:

Cruz a year ago would have been seen as the extreme outsider unacceptable anti-establishment… Trump has now normalized Cruz.

Ted Cruz, who less than a year ago scared conservatives as much as he scared Democrats with his intensely distasteful style of religious fundamentalist inspired government, has now won Wisconsin with nearly 50% of the conservative vote.

The man who would drag us all back into the dark ages of religious oppression, the man who’s father calls him an “anointed king” who is destined to hold power over the nation. The man who believes that his wife received a cosmic Jesus-telegram telling him to run for office. The man who literally creeps out America at a neurological, visceral level has been “normalized” by the extreme racism, xenophobia, lack of political savvy and 4th-grade level talking points of the bastard love child of Mussolini, Hitler, and a soggy potato with a bad tan: Donald Trump.

Watch Gingrich realize that the end of the GOP can not be stopped because the horrifyingly racist, fear-fed base they have created has cleaved itself to the newest and oldest threats to the country as we know it: Fascism and religious hysteria:


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