Newsweek Whitewashes Trump’s Racism By Calling It ‘Traditional Culture War’

In the continuation of a disturbing trend among the corporate media, a Newsweek article reprinted by Raw Story spends over 1200 words worrying about the rise of Donald Trump and the racism he represents while actively avoiding the word “racism”:

While the debate over “bedroom issues” like abortion and gay rights aren’t going away—North Carolina’s decision to sue the Justice Department in defense of its transgender law reinforces that—Cruz’s loss to Trump, even in deeply conservative bastions, raises questions about the salience social issues still have for most Republican voters, when compared to the “clash of civilizations” that Trump is talking about.

“Clash of civilizations” is a neat euphemism for “white supremacy” because make no mistake, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. But not if you read this Newsweek article. It’s chock full of references to the “new” culture war which is supposedly just the old ones updated. According to an expert quoted by Newsweek, this is a “more traditional kind of culture war, which is centered on the fight over Judeo-Christian values and who is a “real” American.”

“Real American” defined, of course, as “white people.” Oh sure, the “traditional kind of culture war” treated the Irish poorly but that was because they weren’t considered “white”, but we’re long past those days. Now, “white” is strictly a matter of skin color (except for Jews, We’re still not popular among Trump’s white supremacist supporters). The “culture war” being described here is strictly a racial one. Even the assault on Muslims is rooted mostly in racism, as opposed to religion.

But, miraculously, race only comes up in a single quote in the ENTIRE article:

University of Oregon professor Joseph Lowndes agrees that while social issues have not disappeared, the economic tumult of the past decade has resulted in voter priorities being refracted through “a very concentrated prism of race and class now.”

Ummmmm…yeah. Exactly. White people discovered that they are no longer a protected class of people from the economic deprivations of the 1%. The sudden loss of their jobs, homes, opportunities and future has driven the rate of drug use, alcohol abuse and suicide through the roof. Yes, they’re kind of mad at the rich but they really REALLY resent Those People because attacking minorities is waaaay easier than taking on the rich. Trump, a very clever conman, has been feeding that resentment nonstop, a fact that Newsweek manages to gloss over.

Don’t take my word for it, go read the entire thing. It’s a masterpiece of dancing around an issue and repackaging Trump’s overt racism as something less toxic. This is your “liberal” media hard at work cleaning up Trump’s image so he’ll be palatable to the general public because calling a racist a racist is “partisan” in modern America.

Bottom line? Fuck Newsweek for sugar-coating Trump and shame on every site that ran with this garbage.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore Flickr

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