News Icon Ted Koppel Tears Bill O’Reilly To Pieces For 2 Decades Of Destroying Journalism (VIDEO)

Ted Koppel sat at the anchor desk at Nightline for what seems like forever with an iconic voice not soon to be forgotten. Now retired, Koppel makes an appearance here and there to give his opinion on current events. He was obviously ready and willing to do the O’Reilly factor to talk about Donald Trump and give O’Reilly the reality of the situation created by sensationalism in the news.

O’Reilly asks Koppel how he would do an interview with Trump, to which Koppel responds:

You and I have talked about this general subject many times over the years; It’s irrelevant how I would do it.

You know who made it irrelevant? You did. You have changed the television landscape over the past 20 years. You took it from being objective and dull to subjective and entertaining. And in this current climate, it doesn’t matter what the interviewer asks him — Mr. Trump is gonna say whatever he wants to say, as outrageous as it may be.

Reading between those lines is pretty simple, as is the look on O’Reilly’s face as he tries to breeze past it. Koppel goes on to share some very realistic — and very frightening — thoughts about Donald Trump and the future of America.

Watch Ted Koppel spank Bill O’Reilly for creating the environment that led to Trump below:

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