New York Attorney Sues To Have Ted Cruz Removed From Ballot Over Citizenship (VIDEO)

In a move that many were expecting from the litigious Trump camp, but never happened, Attorney Roger Bernstein has filed a lawsuit to have Ted (Rafael) Cruz removed from the New York ballot on the grounds that he is not actually a “natural born citizen” under the original intent of the Constitution.

Claiming not to be a “Trump guy,” Bernstein poo-pooed previous precedents, saying that since none of them had been acted on by a court they were just “events that happened,” not precedents. Not even the host of Fox Business seems to take Bernstein seriously, but that hasn’t  stopped him from filing the lawsuit against Cruz. It also hasn’t stopped him from excusing Rubio under the same legal ideas.

Rubio, it seems, is safe from harassment by this nuevo-birther. The original “birther movement” was, of course, an effort to undermine Barack Obama. It didn’t even factor in his actual birthplace, Hawaii, so this movement has pretty much always been one that is just a little off its rocker.

It remains to be seen how the courts will rule, or if the resolution of this lawsuit will protect Cruz from Trump’s birtheristic bullsh*t, any more than the failed lawsuits against President Obama stopped the fanatical movement back then.

Here is the interview:



Feature image via Gage Skidmore, Flikr, altered

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