New Wikileaks Dump Has The Anti-Hillary Left OUTRAGED Over….Nothing (Again)

#DNCleak is currently trending on Twitter and I was curious to see what “scandal” Russian-puppet Julian Assange was trying to manufacture this time. Immediately my screen was flooded with #BringBernieBack and #JillNotHill deadenders screeching about….ambassadorships?

Yes, Wikileaks has revealed that rich DNC donors were awarded cushy ambassadorships. Outrageous! Pay to play! Pay to play!

Now, if this election is not the very first time you’ve paid attention to politics, you’re probably confused. Why is this a big deal? Ambassadorships have been doled out as favors since before America existed. Sure, many are important positions, but some are window dressings. We HAVE to have an ambassador to Sweden because they’re an ally but they don’t do much but enjoy the scenery and let their staff handle the day to day work.

In other words, some ambassadorships are functionally pointless and you don’t send a skilled diplomat to be a placeholder. Instead, you use them as a reward for donors or party stalwarts. Anything else would appear to be a waste of talent (although Slate makes a compelling argument that it wouldn’t be a waste at all).

But the Bernie or Bust deadenders don’t know that because they don’t know ANYTHING about politics from before they heard the siren call of Bernie. Just to be clear: If Bernie had become president, he absolutely would have done the same thing for the exact same reasons. Is it corruption? Not unless it negatively impacted the country in any way, shape or form.

You can make a case that sending a completely untrained civilian to be the ambassador to China is a problem. You need a trained diplomat in such a sensitive position and it would irresponsible to do otherwise. If that’s what the SHOCKING revelations show (they don’t), good luck to the DNC explaining it. But sending an untrained person to Luxembourg? Or the Caribbean Islands? Or Australia? No one cares because they’re never needed in a serious official capacity.

No doubt there’s other nuggets of information in the dump that will be turned into the “HUGEST POLITICAL SCANDAL OF OUR LIFETIME” by the gullible and stupid but anyone screeching about ambassadorships should be spanked and sent to their room without dinner until they grow up and read a history book.

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