New Study Says More Than Half Of Iowa Republicans Want To Ban Islam (VIDEO)

Religious freedom, which is shouted from the rooftops of every Wako-like bunker of ultra Right Wing Fundamentalist Republicans in this country, is not what they say it is. Not at all. In a scathing conversation between Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola (Think Tank), hosts of the The Young Turks, they break down this new poll saying that over 50% of Iowa republicans would support banning islam and discuss what so-called religious freedom is actually about to the conservative base.

You really can’t be shocked when the #3 contender for the GOP nomination, Ben Carson, talks about putting a religious test, or requirement, on the presidency: in specific, no Muslims allowed. It is par for the course for pandering to Iowa’s voters.  Though it is no secret that the USA has a history of killing or driving out those of religions they don’t like,  such as early Mormons, Native Americans, the Salem Witch Trials and about all other religions that aren’t the same brand of Christianity as the majority are.

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Even Kennedy, who was quesitionable for being a Catholic Christian in his day, felt the religious persecution that is rampant in this country. Why are so many still blind to this?

Here is the video, courtesy of TYT:

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