New Poll Says Donald Trump Is Crushing The GOP Brand

“Donald Trump is indeed a ‘net positive’ for the Republican Party – as their Chairman called him – because he shows America what the Republican Party really stands for with his rhetoric that only helps enemies like ISIL/Daesh to recruit extremists,” DNC spokeswoman Christina Freundlich said. She couldn’t be more right. If RNC Committee Chair Reince Priebus still thinks that Trump is good for the party, he’s perhaps the worst possible person to put in charge of the Republican Party.

According to a new MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll, most Americans think Trump is actually a bad deal. Only 24 percent of adults think that Trump is helping the GOP image while 58 percent of those surveyed say that Trump has destroyed the GOP’s reputation. To be fair, the GOP’s reputation wasn’t all that great to begin with. After 8 years under W., we ended up with a catastrophic economic recession and two costly wars, so the party was hurting pretty bad. Then the tea party happened. Just when you thought the GOP might figure things out Sarah Palin went rogue. It’s the schadenfreude gift that keeps on giving.

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While the poll shows a majority of American voters feel this way, what makes this poll even worse is that an even greater majority of Latinos think that Trump is hurting the Republican Party’s rep. Half of Americans attribute it to Trump’s rhetoric being “insulting and offensive.” In other news, half of all Americans also agree that the sky is blue.

While Trump may have pledged not to run as a third party if he doesn’t win the nomination, no one pledged not to start a new republican party. Interestingly, CNBC’s John Harwood tweeted this today:

I think this is a genius idea. Let’s split the GOP into the extremist faction where Trump and Palin can reign supreme and then Jeb Bush can head up the other wing of the Republican Party. Have fun with that!

Feature image via creative commons Donkey Hotey/Flickr.

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