New Poll Finds African-American Voters Prefer Bed Bugs And Plague Over Trump

Donald Trump campaigned through the primaries constantly talking about polls. He LOVED the polls. He was the best with polls. He would hold up little papers and brag about how well he was doing against the field of clowns among the moronic right-wing voters.

Since securing the nomination, all of that polls talk has simmered. The Donald can’t brag about how well he is doing because, well, he isn’t doing so hot in national polls. Well, here is another poll Trump won’t be boasting about as he attempts to secure the black vote by doing absolutely nothing to appeal to African-American voters.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) released results of their most recent poll to the Rachel Maddow Show and the results are a laugh riot. In their recent survey, they asked African-American voters which they had a higher opinion of, Trump or things like Duke University, personal injury lawyers, middle seats on airplanes, junk mail, mosquitoes (even with the current Zika problem), bedbugs, and even, the bubonic plague.

All of those unpleasantries received higher scores than Donald Trump. Yes, that’s right, people like the bubonic plague – a horrible, deadly disease – more than Trump. And, is it really any wonder? This man has campaigned on the most divisive, hate-filled, fear mongering platform ever seen in recent history. He thrives on bigotry, racism and xenophobia. He believes that his “silent majority” will get him to the White House and his insincere courting of minorities will be fruitless – as evident in the appeal of skin chewing bugs over the orange dude with little hands.

So, next time you see a personal injury lawyer’s advertisement on television, or get stuck in that middle seat on the airplane next to a dude that smells of sausages, or contract a deadly disease passed to humans by fleas from rats, just remember – all of those things are more likable in the African-American community than Donald Trump.

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