New Jersey Unapologetically Lets Trump Know What They Think About A Christie VP Pick

New Jersey has got it tough. We have to deal with ridiculously high property taxes, New York and Philadelphia taking a massive crap on our beaches in the summer, and stupid people thinking we all live on landfills and exclusively eat at diners. Worse yet, we have to deal with the most overblown and exaggerated version of a stereotypical jersey a-hole as our governor.

Doing what he does best in pissing away NJ taxpayer money on his own lust for power (and living on the dole), Christie  mounted a presidential run that had virtually no chance of getting off the ground (no fat joke, either). Perhaps only Jeb Bush ran a sadder and more pathetic presidential campaign than Christie. But totally unwilling to show humility or accept actually govern, Christie is naturally kissing Donald Trump’s a$$ in the hopes that Trump gives him some do-nothing, unelectable cabinet-level position.

Frighteningly enough, he’s on a shortlist for vice president. Apparently Trump hasn’t secured the blustery blowhard vote quite yet. But New Jersey residents absolutely, positively do NOT want Christie as VP…like at all. 

New Jersey hated Christie way before America got a chance to, but they hate him as a possible VP selection even more. For example, a new Quinnipiac poll found that 72 percent do NOT want Trump to choose Christie as a running mate. A measly 18 percent said Trump should tap Christie as his vice president. Even his own party doesn’t want him as VP either, with 64 percent agreeing Christie shouldn’t be Trump’s pick.

Christie-for-president was a flop and, as far as the local folks are concerned, so is Christie-for-vice president, said Maurice Carroll, a spokesman for Quinnipiac University Poll. Forget local pride, he said. New Jersey voters say overwhelmingly they don’t want their (governor) on a Trump ticket.

The Quinnipiac poll comes less than a month after Rutgers-Eagleton survey found the governor’s approval had dipped to 26 percent, his lowest approval rating recorded by Eagleton. But reality and humility have no place on a Trump ticket, and Christie is second to Trump in terms of arrogance and delusions. So it only seems natural that Christie continues to ignore the will of his state and do what is best for him.

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